Friday, July 25, 2014

7/25/14 Day...A lot.


Hi! Sorry I took so long to post again, but I have to tell you, my garden is GREAT! It's been a month I guess, and my beans are a foot tall and covered in bean pods! My tomato plants May and Tumbleweed are skyrocketing and already have huge clumps of tomatoes the sise of my fist.  And luckily, Project Tumbleweed was a sucsess! Tumbleweed is about the sise of May now, and he's even healthier then her! But that doesn't mean May is unhealthy, she's fine, it's just that Tumbleweed has a big, thick stem that can support more tomatoes, whereas May is kinda...skinny. But she still produces tomatoes, and that will do. Her branches are still thick and strong, and her leafs surround her skinny figure in a blanket of green. For my peppers, I have to say they are the worst plant in my garden. Now, you'll probably assume that they're brown and wrinkled, with no life left in them. But no, it's the opposite, they're leafy and green without a touch of brown. The only thing wrong with them is that they haven't even produced a single bud. And they're small too. I think they drank too much coffee when they were young, and now their growth is stunted. 😃.  As for my beans, I pick them about every other day, and I collect SO much from them. Ok, that's about it. Bye!