Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/26/14: RANDOM UPDATE:


It was snaining (hard snow that melts when it hits the ground) earlier, then it's snowing (you all know what that means) and now it's sleeting (wet snow that sturns to slush when it hits the ground)!

Êtes-vous de la France?

I'm getting a lot of page views from France! O.o

Bonjour les gens . comment vous visitez mon site vous?
vous pouvez traduire l' écriture avec la boîte vers la droite
Je suis reconnaissant à tous mes téléspectateurs

 I kind of used google translate for that. Please comment if you're from any country other then America! :) XD

P.S. That's my favorite emoticon ->XD


THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF NATURE is progressing. I have two chapters so far, and 9 full sized pages on the computer.
      Recently, whenever I feel really sad and start crying, I go to Comfort (she's apropriatley named) and talk to her, I know, it sounds weird, but I do. I feel like she can listen to me even when no one else can. Also, I stil can't find my camera plug, but I've decided to take the pictures right of my computer, even though you'll see a whole lot of background as well. :(
That's them together, balancing on the little stool I have.
Comfort, with her beautiful lush green leaves and sturdy although not visible stalk.
Comfort, again.
AGAIN? Goodness, this is enough of her! XD
Ah, someplant that's not Comfort! Invi!
Invi, again. I just had to take a lot of pictures....

Yup, that's it. If you cannot stand my unbearable humor and sarcasm, I suggest you don't read these posts. I can't help it... Maybe I can, but that's beside the point...See! I'm doing it again! I have a case of  be-funny-itis! AAAAH! *dies*

Monday, November 24, 2014


      Just so you know, I'm starting this new book called THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF NATURE where I'm documenting loads of information on nature, all perfectly organized, so I might make a new page on my website jut for it--I'm warning you, it's long. But I love it because now I can reread it and better comprehend the complicated nature-related things that boggles my mind. It'll be up soon, Inshaalah (if God wills)!


      This post is simply wondering if anyone is actually visiting my website. I checked the views and it shows people from ALL OVER THE WORLD visiting my website--but no one comments or votes. So if you can please, if you are on my website, comment, spread the word, vote, read my posts, and follow the instructions on the tips and tricks page please. I don't know if Blogger just made up the views from different countries, but if you are not from America and reading this, there is a translation section on the right hand side so you can translate everything to your language. Hope this helps! -Hana

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


       WHY, WORLD? *bursts out sobbing*

       JK. But I am disappointed because today's Wednesday and I'm supposed to do Park Day Clean Up--BUT I WAS AWAY ON THE DAY OF THE LAST PARK DAY!!! So no Park Day Clean Up, end of story. I can't even clean up the places I'm going to today because I can't last a minute outside due to the frigid weather. So how can I make a difference now. I do all the usual, turn off lights, turn off water, keep the temperature low (64 degrees), and all of our light bulbs are compact fluorescents. I wear warm sweaters instead of turning up the heat, I send emails instead of mail... Now what? I can do the easy stuff but there HAS to be something else I do! I'd love to bike places instead of drive, but i'd end up an ice cube in the first few minutes.  Does anyone have idea's? Please? I need to re-read my tips and tricks section.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014


       I'm HOME! Sadly, I lost my camera plug so I cannot download the pictures I took of Comfort, Invi, or... I can't say Marigold. She was dead when I came back. :'(. Her stalk still remains but it is hollow and empty. I will always remember her...
       For some more happy news, my brother Adam has a blog too now, Adam's Blog, which is all about minecraft. He's obsessed with it, but I have to admit I am too. But that has nothing to do with nature so a change of subject, please!
       Lastly, I'm going to continue with the Members Page activities, so hopefully more members will join. Now, that was really short, since I can't think of anything else to say, but let me just give you another mystery:

        At 9:00 P.M., the Aquaville Aquarium closes. Only five people were still there when the aquarium closed for the night. However, when the security guards made sure that everyone left the  aquarium, only four people walked out. The security guards searched the building, but no one was still inside. When the security guards went outside again, a man rushed out from in the building and joined the group.
         "Why were you still in the building after we closed down?" One guard asked.
         "I'm sorry sir, but a bee got into the building while I was walking down the hall, and I accidentally stepped on it. It hurt too much for me to leave the building immediately, so I went to the bathroom and got the stinger out, then I came outside." The man explained. The security guards nodded and were about to leave, when one of the guards realized something, and knew that the man was lying. They searched his pockets, and found a plastic bag containing an exotic fish that had been smuggled out. How did the police know that the man was lying?

(highlight the space below for the answer)

        Bee's are not active at night, so one wouldn't have been in the building, even if there was a hive in the building.

Monday, November 17, 2014


     It's Saturday! I'm coming home tomorrow, not that it matters. The next update will be Monday. This post will be a fun one: A mystery! Try to solve it.

          Two people were taking care of a cactus store one day, and one person, Kate, was standing by the most expensive cactus. The second person, an elderly lady, left to go to the bathroom. When she left, a man came into the store.
          "I'm here to check that cactus next to you. It's very rare, and I need to take to a greenhouse where it can be cared for properly." The man said. Kate didn't move.
          "I don't think so. You can only have it if you buy it." She said firmly.
          "You don't understand. I'm an expert on cactuses, and I know that the cactus there is too rare to be kept here. You have to let me take it to a greenhouse."
          "I'm sorry, but I can't let you have it. You're just a theif." Kate said. How did Kate know?

(To find out the answer, highlight the space below) 

         "You couldn't be an expert," Kate said, "Or you would have said "cacti", not "cactuses".

Thursday, November 13, 2014


        Do you remember the update I posted about two or three posts ago? Well, I mentioned that I was entering a essay for an nature competition thing, and now I wrote it! I posted it on Stories above, and a copy here too:

     We humans are only one of the millions of organisms on our planet, but humans are the ones most dominant on the food chain. We are also the most destructive organism, thus it is our responsibility to take care of our environment and live alongside of it. There are many issues that remain unresolved, that we must work together to fix. There are various things you can do to help be a part of the millions of people that aim to heal the land and restore the planet. We rely on nature, on our Earth, for nearly everything, so at the end of the day, any damage to nature is damage to the future of the human population.

     Currently, there are many problems of concern about our Earth. For example, over-fishing. According to the article written by National Geographic, all the world's fisheries will have collapsed by the year 2048. That may seem a long ways away for any, but the next generation will grow up considering a simple fish a rare creature. Fishing more than needed is taking a considerably large toll on the environment, since the extinction of each species throws the whole food chain off balance. Deforestation is another major issue, many animals are becoming extinct due to it, and thousands more species are losing their homes. Old-growth forests are being cleared, and the tropical rain-forests are being reduced by the hour. Lastly, climate change is affecting cold biomes, and melting the ice needed by organisms for shelter and food.

     The Earth is in danger, though many people don't know, and it is estimated that the peak has passed and we cannot undo our damage. We can, however, reduce our impact on the environment by doing some very simple things. Firstly, we can drive less, and walk or bike more, which will reduce pollution being produced. Recycling, rather than trashing, reduces the land cleared for dumps, and stops the harvesting of our dwindling natural resources. Unplugging electronics when not in use not only saves electricity, but money as well! If everyone that reads this does these simple things, we can truly make our Earth a better place for all of us.

We need nature. No, don't you deny it, nature is essential to us, in almost every way. We need many plants for medicine, and without them, there would be less oxygen and more carbon dioxide. We also need animals and plants for food, since everything we eat comes from living things. Also, it would be quite a shock for us when the last lion or tiger dies, and we realize that our kids, and our kid's kids, will never get to see such majestic creatures. The only exotic animals to see would be in zoo's, and extinct in the wild. No safari's, no whale-watching, in the near future there will be none of this. Unless we make an effort and try our best, this will occur, sooner rather than later. We need nature.

Things are becoming worse. Hopes are disappearing. If we are going to act, it has to be now. As these words are being read, and animal is dying from habitat loss, poaching, or pollution. We have to do something, before it's too late. The time is passing, and efforts are being doubled to save our only home. You need to help, reader, and if we all work together, we can accomplish our dream of a perfect environment for the generations to come. But the fairy-tale happy ending won't come unless we all give what we have to enforce the laws of preservation for our Earth, and believe it can be accomplished. You know how bad it is, and that's why we must all make an effort to do what we believe to be right, because it's our earth to save!


       So...That's it, I'll send the essay in soon, and I'll let you know when I do. There'll be an update on Saturday!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Hello, another update! This time, it's different from any ither post yet. It's not pictures I took, but pictures other people took that are beautiful just the same. Scratch that, not beautiful, STUNNING!!! Alright, bring on the pictures!!


 If you actually made it to the bottom of this very very very very VERY long list, you will be in awe and shock and thinking something along the lines of: "WOW". Yeah, it's wow all right. If you like this, comment :( for displeasing, :I for unsure, :) for good, :D for great, or 0:D for extreme awe.