Sunday, January 11, 2015

- 1/09/15 Spring

      Recently, I have been cleaning up my room, buying new furniture, and gardening supplies. I'm so excited for spring! When it does come, I will have a brand new desk to study, and a new, taller, wider table for my plants. Speaking of my plants, sadly, Comfort died. She lasted a few months, as did Athorya who has lived less, yet she is still alive, although wilted. Invi, who has stayed in my room for a long time, is as bright and lifeful as she ever was, and Tropic, although relatively new, has made a full recovery and looks healthy as ever. I hope all of my plants live to see the warm spring air, to see life everywhere, green blooming around to fill the air with the sweet fragrance of plants. I love spring so much that I wrote a short poem about it:

A leaf, twitching in the breeze,

Unfurling fragile flowers to the air,

Shuddering from the unseen,

And steeling itself for that to come.

Hardy, fragile, windy, calm.
Unknown, known, what could it be?
A mystery is simple as life.

Simple as that which isn't so at all.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

- 1/07/15 The New Year

        Alright, everyone that reads this, listen up! This is 2015, a new year, of new times! If my website is going to serve a purpose, then we all have to make some New Year's resolutions and stand by them. I am going to make a difference this year, because if we all work together, even an eleven and a half year old can change the world if she has support! I'm am making a pledge, and I'm going to hand it out, get people to sign it, and see how many people I can change the heart of. At the end of 2015, this mighty new year, I hope to have 100 people willing to alter their lives so that millions of plants and animals alike can benefit enormously! I say we can do this! I may be young, but I have a big dream, and I will do what I can to make it come true!

Monday, January 5, 2015

- 1/05/15 NCCD

       I have news! I recently (today) contacted the New Castle Conservation District, in the hopes of learning new information and spreading the word about my website so that more people can be educated. This is what I emailed them:

     Hello. I am an eleven year aspiring ecologist living in New Castle.  I am very passionate about nature, and have created a website:
         I am looking to learn more about the environment, and educate others as well, and I am wondering if you have any tips for me about eco-friendly ways people can live their live.
         I would also like to know ways I can spread the word about my website, so that more people near me can also positively impact the environment with the knowledge I hope to share.

Thank you in advance,

Hana H.
Aspiring ecologist, author.
      Hopefully, I will hear from them soon, as well as the Bosch Green Living Children's Art, Photography and Creative Writing Contest, to which I sent in my essay. According to Bosch, the prizes should have been given out in December, which has came and gone without a word from them my position. I mean, I don't care if I'm first or last, so long as they received it at all.
      Also, Survi is the only plant that died, because Athorya and Comfort are STILL ALIVE! YESH!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

+ 1/03/15 Plant Pics

    It's almost been a year since I've started my website. And I'm sad to tell you that Survi had died. I have take  Invi back in. I cannot part with her. An Athorya, my exotic pine tree sapling, has crumpled her plastic-like needles and looks as wilted as a flower without water. And comfort has caught a disease similar to the one Marigold once had, and all but a few of her leaves have withered away to nothing. I am far too depressed by this to provide many pictures, but for the sake of those who read my posts, I will give one picture per plant.

Tropic: the pitcher plant I had once taken in with the thought that
it wouldn't even survive the day, now restored to it's former glory.


Comfort, the plant whom which I frequently clutched in my
arms to soothe me.


Invi, the plant that was originally my mothers, came to me,
was replaced by Survi who just died, and returned to me again.
Sorry, it won't let me upload my pic of Athorya, so I'll do her next post. Till next time!