Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Alright, here's what you've been waiting for: a picture update! I apologize for taking so long, but I have a tight schedule. Not that my schedule has anything to do with me not posting but.... Hey, everyone get's lazy every once in a while! Now confirmed, Tumbleweed is out-growing May, and May is producing more the Tumbleweed. So the winner of the tomato battle is...not confirmed. Sorry! here, you see for yourself:

So first, as you can see, here is a shot of May's beautiful babies: Tilly and Tommy, and the new baby Tiffany. Tilly is the highest one in the back, and the one in front of her is Tommy, and the smallest one that appears to be hiding; at the very bottom, is Tiffany the baby.

Look how big my beans are!!!! They are HUGE compared to the little sprouts they used to be. I mean huge huge. Just to let you know, they are not trellising beans, meaning they don't need a wall to climb up. They are all extremely productive bush beans. Well, they're not called extremely productive bush beans, they are just called bush beans. I think.

And these two cuties, of course, are Tilly and Tommy again. Please excuse the big bruise on Tommy, I keep forgetting to tell him to stop getting into fights.

Now for my peppers, Speckle, Shoot, and the new guy that I got a whiiiiiiiiiiile ago and never named. Of course, New Guy (that is not his name. Err, it might be)  is not even in the pic. Oops. Anyway, Shoot has an adorable child, and I'll show you in the next pic.

See! I told you she was cute! Yes it's a girl. Her father, Speckle, always wanted a boy, but you can't always get what you want. This cutey pie is Turquoise, and Shoot is expecting! This time, Speckle is set on a boy, and it'll be Indigo when it's born.

This, as you may know, is 'ol Tumbleweed. He's the one that's shooting ahead in physical apearence, and lagging behind in tomato production. He's got a few, but May's got four, one picked, three still on the vine. OK, Tumbleweed has four too, but I totally love May, and I'm rooting for her! GO, MAY, GO!!!! Sorry, Tumbleweed. I love you too.

This is my full garden, healthy and big. Now, view the following picture, and make a comparison....

......Yeah. That's my dad's garden, the one I've been telling you about... It's big. Reaaalllly big. The plants he has are: Basil, 4 kinds of tomato's, eggplant, zucchini squash, cucumber, beans, lettuce, parsley, okra, and lemongrass. Yeah...A lot. But compared to a farm, it's nothing. It's a 9 by 18 foot garden, compared to my 2 by 4. Yeah. A biiiig difference. My dad can stand and walk around  in it! I can barely fit in mine without stepping on something.

Ok, I'll update soon, I promise!