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               So, if you really want to get educated, then you should go to websites whose purpose is solely to inform, or sign up for a newsletter that will provide you with monthly, weekly, or as I have it, daily updates.

Websites + Newsletters:

World Wildlife Fund:  My most recommended website, and after you visit, you'll know why. It provides you will endless info on any species of creature you'd like, allows you to sign up for a free monthly newsletter, and has an option to donate to an animal of your choice! To all you nature-lovers, I truly wish that you visit the website for this wonderful foundation, the World Wildlife Fund, and learn all from it that you can't here.

International Fund for Animal Welfare: IFAW is currently one of the larges conservation charities in the world.Their motto is ' To rescue and protect animals around the world', which is rather like mine; 'Working together to make our Earth a better place'.

 Defenders of Wildlife: Unlike the others, this website is focused 90% on wolves, and includes other bonus's for other animals. The newsletter, which is around twice a week, is very influential, and depicts in detail the horrors of recent predator killing derby's, and offers symbolic adoptions of animals similarly to WWF. The persuasive skills of the author are exceptional, and so is the message the posts portray. Secondly to WWF, I would recommend Defenders of Wildlife, for it's loyal focus towards wolves and other organisms.

National Wildlife Federation: One of the most popular wildlife websites, and also ranked #1 on a list of 100, this interactive site offers information, photo's, and an additional page exclusively for kids. It has not only an online newsletter like the previous sites, but also mails award-winning magazines for both kids and adults, including National Wildlife, and Ranger Rick and it's younger series Ranger Rick Jr. With kid-friendly games and activities, plus various methods of donation, this site is most popular, and most detailed, informative, and interactive. I sincerely recommend this website, although I strongly support the others as well.

Animal Diversity Web: The leader in terms of classification and conversation biology, this strictly informal website offers unlimited knowledge on animal natural history and distribution. Including thousands of species accounts that include text, pictures, and movies, ADW also features a science learning tool, and a virtual museum to entertain and inform. It is also maintained at a lesser scale then the previous sites, and the posts are written by students and the accuracy is not guaranteed. 

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  1. Hana, was reading about a completely self sustained community in New Mexico near Taos. Architecture is completely green and mostly recycled. All water is used. Power is solar.. all plants grown in the homes. Etc. thought of you. Look it up. May inspire u even more. Mrs c


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