Take the Pledge!

          Are you ready to take another step? Print this pledge, sign it, and email hanasabrine@aol.com that you're ready to become a green person. After you have done that, view the Tips and Tricks page above, and print it. Check off every thing you have done, and if you get done at least 5, email hanasabrine@aol.com that you have completed a certain amount of eco-friendly ideas (5+)  and you'll be marked as an officially green person!

          I acknowledge that all organisms on Earth do their part to live in harmony with nature, and contribute to the beautiful world we live in today, and I will do my part as well.

          There is much yet to be done to restore our planet to it's former beauty, and when it is once more a healthy, happy place I will be proud say I helped heal it. I will do what I can to be eco-friendly, and live in harmony with nature.

          I accept that although there are creatures that I am not entirely comfortable with, I will merely harmlessly remove them from my presence, or vise versa, and allow it and I to continue our lives. I vow to be a person close to nature, and one worthy of living on Earth.




  1. My mom is COMPLETELY eco friendly. She loves growing plants, and has a dream of having a big garden. She is a designer, so she always makes her clothes eco friendly.
    She loves earth.

    1. That's so cool! Your mom must be an amazing person


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