Saturday, December 27, 2014


     Hi, welcome to another post on my Forever Nature website. I have been posting here for a while --from May, until now, the end of December, winter. You know, it hasn't snowed yet in winter. HOLD UP, I know what you are thinking: Yes, it snowed! It did! And then a holdup on my end: Oh yes it did, but in FALL!! Haha, we had no snow in winter, just a mild flurry in fall.
       So, anyway, my father provided me with an interesting theory: there is no straight rule or concept for motion. What? Yes, motion does not exist unless compared to another object. Let's take the electronic you are using to view this. Set it down. Do. Not. Touch. It. Is it moving? Well, I told you not to touch it, so no it's not. WRONG! It is moving, you and the whole house is too. I mean, THE WHOLE EARTH IS SHOOTING THROUGH SPACE AS YOU READ THIS!!! Ahem, I apologize for the all-caps, but I'm trying to make a point here.
       Now let's say you are in the car, driving somewhere. Let's look at the dashboard. Is it moving? Ah..... Well the thing is, it is and it isn't. You cannot simply say "The dashboard is moving" or "The dashboard is not moving". Why? Because motion only exists if it is compared to another object. Compared to the paper that is on top of the dashboard neither of them are moving. But compared to the trees that are whizzing by outside, it is most certainty moving--at some 65 miles per hour at that!

      Let us abandon the bizarre topic of motion and think back to the previous post. The one about "the big test" and all the flowery stuff I mentioned. Did you take it? I doubt it.... Why would I doubt the people that read this? Because I do. Look, if I promised you that the link would take you to a fun-and-games filled website that will provide you delight that knows no bounds... Then you would click it in a heart beat. But a test is not as appealing to people--except me, I took my own test, and created it, studied it, and learned from it too. I'll try something different, a link to a game that I created. And I swear to god it's a game, no joke. Go ahead and don't believe the queen of sarcasam, but you're missing out. On the GAMES section of my website, I posted games I created on Scratch. Well this game is made on Scratch too, by me (duh). So, let's see how much you believe me!

Virtual Cat

There, click the above link.
It's a prank.
I'm trying to trick you.
But the link is for a game.
A game about getting your goat on.
But it's about a cat,
Joking, it's nothing, really.
But it's real.
I'm not lying, you'll love it.
But you might hate it.
I don't know.
Because it's fake.
No it's not.
DOn;t listen to me.
It must be an imposter writing this.
But it's only me.
Who is me?
A person that posts fake links.
And hacks websites.
But likes games.
So I post links to games.
Even though the above link is not a link to a game.
Even though it is.
I mean, is not.
I mean... I do not know what I mean.
Are you still there.
Well you must be because then how would you read this?
Wow, you're very loyal to read this far.
Will you listen to me?
Well, some info:
I am a mind reader.
You cannot say N without touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
You're trying it now and looking like an idiot.
And now you're smiling.

HAHAHAHA I wonder how many people are even reading this.
And I wonder how long this will go on for.
No, I'll end it here.
Okay I will, see ya later!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! Whatever, not nature-related. Also, I apologise for my rudeness in the previous post. So anyway, Survi is still TINY and I am still HAPPY because I made something for my viewers!!!! You! yes, YOU!!!!!! I made, wait for it, wait for it.....



           Now let me predict, you're very disappointed. You were probably expecting me to tell you that I'm giving you all virtual cake and cookies, or made an incredible game for you, but no. A test? You think. How boring. And yes, you might find it boring, but this website is for educational purposes as well as mirthful posts and sarcastic remarks. Haha, the previous sentence was humorous in itself, at least I laughed when I re-read it. XD! <-- emoticon="" favorite="" i="" may="" my="" p="" remind="" you="">
          The test is about the parts of a flower, and is named "Flower Parts". Before you begin this incredible test, let me educate you. The educating process may begin with the following diagram:
       As you can see, it shows a flower with it's various parts labeled. See the middle of the flower, the orange oval? That's called the ovary, and humans have it too. Inside the ovary are things called ovules, which look like a pomegranate seed (google "ovule"). Above that is a thin stalk, called the style, which has a bulb called a stigma on top. Beside it are lollipop-like yellow circles called Anthers which are precariously balanced on stalks called filaments.
       Let's progress. A perfect flower is a flower with both male and female organs. The diagram above features a perfect flower. The stigma, style, and ovary are part of the female organ, called the pistil. On the other hand, the Anther and filament make up the male organ; the stamen.
        Other parts of a flower include the "receptacles" (the part of a flower stalk where the various flower organs are attached), the "sepal" (the small green leaf-like structures that support the petals when the flower is bloomed, and enclose the flower bud), and the pedicel (the stalk that connects the flower to the inflorescence (an inflorescence is a cluster of flowers all attached to a main stalk called the peduncle).
   Surprisingly, I did NOT copy and paste for any of that! I wrote from knowledge and research. It's actually quite simple when you understand the flower's structure, and can fully visualize the parts in order to efficiently name them. Am I speaking greek to you? Don't answer that.
      As for the quiz which I have just prepared for you to take, the link is:
      And the password for this AWESOME quiz is: forevernature
     So, till next time! Bye!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


           Okay, so Survi looks fine, he is two days old, and I'm busy, upset and annoyed, BLAH. Due to my lack of time, I would very much like to end my post like this, but my readers will be wuite displeased. So *happy tone* Chirstmas Eve is tomorrow! Who likes gift trading? Da Polyana! ZE AWESOMENESS!!!! Then there is Christmas, which I don't even celebrate (but still attend a Christmas party), but what da heck does this have to do with nature? Nothing. So....Uh.... Well... Look, I'm stumped. Can I just like, post again in two days to please you? I do anyway, so whatever.
            To at least begin to bring the subject (which is non-existent) to nature, let's start of by a point I want to make: You all know antibacterial hand soap? The kind you find just 'bout anywhere? Well, drop it. You're murdering millions of innocent lives. Now, I don't disagree with your average soap, because the germs it kills have the potential of making you sick. But there's plenty of good bacteria on your hand that actually helps you, and killing it deals you bad as well as good. And it isn't just killed, it's violently murdered. How? Do read on, please.

          Some alcohol-containing sanitizers work in this way: The alcohol dehydrates the microbe, unfolds all of it's proteins, and thus kills it.

           Soaps and sanitizers that conation triclosan work in this way: The triclosan acts as a poison that functions like any other poison and inevitably ends in death for the microbe, in a way by poisoning the cell's semipermeable membrane and not allowing objects to pass through it, leaving it no longer semipermeable. The toxins and waste products produced by the cell are trapped within, and kill the cell since it cannot exit. Imagine dying because you cannot use the bathroom!

            So, if you want some advice from me, use regular soap, not the one that kills innocent microbe lives for a crime they are not guilty of. Tragic deaths, even on an teeny weeny itsy bitsy size and scale, should not be tolerated by antibacterial-using people. SO DROP THE ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP!

Sunday, December 21, 2014


         You've been waiting for today, according to Friday's report (12/19/18) right? I thought so. And the rumors are true: I got myself a new plant! A mint plant, of course: I have a lot of 'em in the house. I named him Survi, a name ending in "I" like Invi, my previous mint plant that wasn't even mine. So no, I do not have one more number of plants, I just replaced one that wasn't even mine with one that is. But I will never, ever forgot Invi who I so graciously and lovingly cared for a month. Hopefully, Survi will last me a year or longer, surviving the brutal winter and living to see the luxurious sun of spring and summer. But Survi is tiny. His mother (or father) wishes to remain anonymous (name-wise) but she can be seen in the following video that shows you how to  produce a mint plant from another mint plant: quickly and easily!
      So now that you've seen how I planted Survi, you probably want to see him (duh). So, some pictures!
Aww, pose for the camera, Survi!


You can see him here, in his giant pot, smiling up at the world.


Close up #2.

All of my beauties.

So that is it. I left the heat lamp on to give Survi a boost in his growth, for his first day of birth.
Also, I have cool news. My dad saw a squirrel outside trying to get into a box. We watched it and it was desperate to get in, so I went outside, scared it away, and picked up the box. It was mouse poison! If the squirrel had broken in, it would have died. I saved it's life, although I did not know it at the moment.
So that's it, see y'all on Tuesday.

Friday, December 19, 2014


           I have like, a million topics to discuss, but I've decided to do a picture update for today. You're probably like: YESH! A PIC UPDATE! And this one had got some exciting news... Sort of. I dunno.

       Well, now for the pics, then a final word at the end. WARNING: SARCASM IS PRESNT.

Pic #1. Me and darling Comfort.

Me and Comfort, take 2.

Invi and I! Aww......

Smile for the pic, Tropic!



Again, Tropic? This enough of you! MOVE ON!
Wait a sec.... *clears throat*.....
Sorry. Ah, umm, well..... Nothing, nothing, moving along here... Heh heh....

Just one pic of Athorya, 'cuz if ya really wanna see her, a dedicated a whole post to her.

         So, for the news I've been waiting to tell you.... You saw good old Invi right? Well as I might have mentioned before, Invi is my mother's plant that was almost dead when I took her in and nursed her back to health. Now, she's very healthy, and will return back to my mother, sadly. I'm actually really sad, even though I haven't had her for that long.
        Anyway, the good news is that my mom has another mint plant that's entirely dead except for two remaining strands (she's not a good gardener) and so what I am going to do is (no, not keep it) cut a strand from it, plant it, and grow my own! I've done it before, it's really simple. The stalk of mint plants can serve as a root too and new shoots spring from it if it is planted. So, on Sunday when I have time (and can post again) I will provide pictures of her/him!

See ya then!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014


         The above video is an inspiring clip of the positive impact wolves have on the environment. It is sure to warm your heart, and is a touching example of the many reasons wolf extermination in Idaho should be banned, for wolves are a vital member of the food chain, and they open in niches for other animals to fill in, as shown in the following video. If it touches your heart, as it did mine, then comment and show your love for wolves!

P.S. I am finishing up a fanfiction about wolves, the link is provided to this thrilling yet heart-breaking story: A Wolf's Life

Monday, December 15, 2014


Recently, I have discovered this game called WolfQuest. It's a fun, educational game where you are a wolf with the goal to survive in the woodlands of Yellowstone State Park, and start a pack. You can hunt, track animals, find a mate, have pups, and go on expeditions. Here is a picture below:

         For those of you who would like to play, I will provide a walkthrough:


Opening the game:

1.When you open up Wolf Quest, you will see a screen that says Screen Resolution (your choice) Graphics (your choice) and beneath it you will see the option Play and Quit.  Select Play to begin.

2.The screen will then get bigger, and you will see the options Single Player, Multiplayer, and Quit. This walkthrough is for Single Player, so select that.

3. You will now see a new screen. Select New Game, which is beneath the text Start at the beginning on Amethyst Mountain. You will be redirected to a new screen which will require you to create a wolf.

Creating a wolf:

1. At the top of the side panel, you will see Wolf Name: (box). Inside of the box, fill in your wolf's name.

2. Below that are five boxes, each containing a pattern of fur for your wolf, which can be viewed on the right. Select one.

3. Below that are the color shades for your wolf. The slide on the left is the shade of color your wolf is, and the one on the right is which color your wolf is.

4. Below that are three sliders: Strength, Stamina, and Speed. If you raise one, the other two will lower. Strength makes you stronger and increases your size, Stamina is how long you can run for without slowing down, and Speed is how fast you can run. Adjust the sliders to suit your wolf.

5. At the bottom, you will see the options Male and Female. Select one to chose your gender.

Playing the game:

1. After you have created a wolf, select Play Game. You will appear in desert-like plains. To move, press the left, right, up and down arrow keys, or W, A, S, and D.

2. In the top left corner of the screen you will see a picture of your wolf, a two bars. A green bar for your stamina, and a red bar for your health and hunger. To eat, approach an elk carcass and wait until you see a green wolf symbol, then press the Space bar. To hunt, press M to see the map, and walk until you are inside of a red circle. Press M again to exit the map. Then press V to turn on Scent Mode, and walk around until you pick up the scent of an elk, which will look like a trail of pink dots. Follow it until you see an elk herd. Chase down an elk, and press space bar when you see a red wolf icon to kill it. You can then eat it by approaching the carcass and waiting until you see a green wolf symbol, then press the Space bar.

2. The purpose of Amethyst Mountain is to find a mate. To do so, turn on the map by pressing M, and walk towards a purple circle. This is the territory of another wolf. When you have touched the purple circle on the map, turn on Scent Mode by pressing V. Walk around until you pick up the scent of a wolf, which will look like a trail of yellow dots. Follow it until you see a wolf. Press V again to turn off Scent Mode. Touch the wolf and interact with it by selecting things to say, which you can see in the bottom left corner. Try to defeat the wolf by being aggressive, and saying things like; "Do I know you?" Or "I want to be boss!" When the wolf surrenders, tell him to leave. After you have defeated the wolf, go to the other wolf territories, and defeat a wolf from each pack. Eventually, you will meet a Dispersal Wolf. Interact with him/her positively, by saying things like; "I like you," or "Let's play!" Or "Let's start a pack,". This wolf will become your mate, as long as it's the opposite gender as you.

(The walkthrough for Slough Creek will be added soon.)

Thursday, December 11, 2014


So! Just a little talk.. Have you ever seen this plant?

It looks cute, right? Pretty flowers, dainty stem, and you just want to pick it up and nibble of one of it's flowers--*gasp* *choke* *die*

Yah, don't eat it.... This plant is the MOST TOXIC IN THE UNTIED STATES. It can kill you within 15 MINUTES! And it's nickname is the SUICIDE ROOT. Wanna take a bite? I think NOT. Seriously, no joke. If you see this plant, stay away. If you happen to be an aspiring ecologist that goes by the name of Hana Hubert, then step forward and stare at for an hour. Hey, I wanna get to know my ennimies, because Water Hemlock doesn't kill people, people don't bother to check before take a bite out of it. Okay, I'm being kind of harsh. It's just that people should learn to identify this plant so that they don't risk death, or just not take bites out of random plants :/

BTW: I've seen it before. And I didn't die. So don't freak out.

Thursday, December 4, 2014


Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time but YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! I was at my homeschool group in the woods and I saw these dense, fern-like plants that blanketed the wet leafy ground. They were surprisingly hardy to survive the cold fall environment, and not one of them looked wilted or unhealthy! I uprooted one--and it had a very strong root system, and transplanted it into a plastic bottle. Not only did it survive the transplant--but it looks no different from when it was growing wild! This plant--whatever it is-- is hardier then a mint plant for sure-and I've had two mint plants before! Can anyone please tell me what it is?

     Her name is Athorya BTW. Pronounced: uh-THORE-ee-uh.

Also, I'm only keeping Athorya in that little cup until I get a bigger pot (don't worry I will).