Thursday, May 29, 2014

5/28/14 DAY 8.

Day 8.

Alright everyone, Picture day! Today, the greatest changes ever to occur to my garden so far took place today. My dad and I built a fence around around my garden! Made out of chicken wire, and held in place by 8 stakes, it was nice-looking, and would hopefully keep rabbits from eating my beans. Yup! They sprouted as well! Such an exciting day! At first I thought that they had sprouted because all of the rain had provided them with enough water to grow, but now I think that it's because the rain loosened the hard ground and made it soft enough for the beans to poke through! I know I'm posting this a day after one week, but hey, I can't be perfect! Besides, the only think that happened yesterday to my garden was a bean just breaking the surface, and it's not as exciting as what I have to show you. You'll love these photo's. Hopefully. What are you waiting for? Start looking! Come oooooon. Are you still reading this? Goodness, I think I better stop writing or else you'll be more interested in my words then my pictures. My bean, just sprouting. Isn't he cuuuuuute?


Another bean. Simply adorable!

Two of my beans, just looking happily at each other.
My little bean plot. You can even see one of the beans! Is that Weed? Or Sprout? No, no, I think it's Thistle. It has to be! It has that curled up green body, slightly unfolding leaves....Don;t you dare say that's how all the other beans look! Because it's not true. I think thistle has a bit more green then the others....What ever. Call it a bean.

 My fabulous garden complete with a chicken wire fence staked with tent poles! What did you say? My garden looks small? Wow, you're picky.

May, my first plant ever in my garden! Also my #1 healthiest, prettiest, and best plant so far. Just look at her!

Lastly, Speckle and Shoot, my two peppers who look slightly unhealthy. Er...A lot unhealthy. Hey, they got a lot of rain!

 Well, that's about it for my garden. Sorry, I didn't get a shot of Tumbleweed, but you can probably see him if you zoom in on my picture of the whole garden. Ok, that might might not work because it just gets really blurry, but you like blurry, right? Right? Good, I thought so. My garden is, ah, let's see....5 inches by 12 inches....Yeah, that sounds about right! Just kidding, it's 30 in. (width) by 55 in. (length). Not that bad, for my first actual garden of my entire life. If you're wondering what I mean by actual, the last two years I simply had one tomato plant, and I think an okra, and last year I had a fence that couldn't be called a fence, made of sticks and mesh. It was an abomination. This one is awesome! To a degree, 'cause a few professional gardeners might think it's child's play. But it's not. It's child's work. Sadly, I must now bring my comical post to a conclusion. It's long enough already. Keep checking every few day's for new updates, and look forward to the 35th! That's the next week! Wait...there isn't a 35th! Guess you'll never see a new picture update again. Bring out your tissues people. It even makes me sniffle! Sniff! So sad... Well, if you do want a new picture update, let's just forget all this and wait for June 4th.

Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/14 DAY 6.

     Day 6.

      The beans still have not sprouted, even though I planted them 4 days ago. Yesterday, I planted a new tomato, which was really sick and unhealthy, and I decided to make it my project to bring it back to life, and named it Project Tumbleweed (tumbleweeds are a desert plant that are dead until they land in water, then they grow).
      Oh., by the way, Undead, my zombie pepper, really was dead, and I think he's a part of the soil now, 'cause I haven't really seen him since I planted him.
      Anyway, May has a new neighbor, but I don't think she's all that happy. They're a bit squished together and, considering how tall my tomatoes can get, too close for comfort. But I don't have any more room in my garden too space them farther apart, so I guess May is stuck with Tumbleweed, who's not looking all that well. Does he need more water, more sun, more growth room, more nutrients in the soil....?
       May is doing fine, and her leaves are a brightish dark green. She's alive and well, growing a bit more every day. I'm proud of her, and myself for being such a good parent....I mean gardener :)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

5/22/14 DAY 2.

Day 2.
The Beans!

This morning I went to my garden, and, although it was looking healthy, I thought it was a bit....unsymmetrical. There was an empty spot beside Speckle and Shoot, that I though could use another pepper. Problem was, I didn't have another pepper. Except for one that was a nearly dead green stick, that was brown at the tip, and rotten and flimsy. Guess what? I was so disgusted by the perfect display of awkward randomness present, that I planted it, and even named it, the Undead. Now, it's symmetrical. But doesn't look as nice. Then I hacked out grass to the left of  the peppers, and planted twelve beans, 4 rows with 3 beans each. I can't wait for them to grow. Should I include a picture? I think it's too pointless, and my dad said I should only post picture updates weekly. I'll stick to that advice for now, but if you want frequent pictures, just comment below, and tell me what you think. Thanks!

5/21/14: Day 1.

Day 1.

All Planted!

The first day of my garden! I got everything planted except for the beans, and I'm ready for summer! I have two peppers, which are Speckle (bottom left) and Shoot (top left), and one tomato , May (right). Here's how it looks so far: