About Me, Hana

           Hello! Thank you for visiting my website, the Forever Nature Club! I, Hana Sabrine Hubert, started this club, and I would like to tell you a little bit about me.
           I am eleven years old, and an avid ecologist, my thirst for knowledge being my driving power for me to create this website, and also so that I can express my love for nature, and my will to preserve it. I am eager to show others how important our earth is to us, and that it isn't something we can glance at and confirm as OK. We need people to aware of the impact the human species is having on our home, and take action rather then gawk. Blowing off this painful predicament doesn't solve anything, neither does being oblivious or staying neutral. If we are going to pick a side, it ought to be one worth fighting for. So Forever Nature, the club I started, is gathering people I know to further understand this planet we call our Earth, and learn the basics of nature, and how everything lives in balance, and always should.

Personal Information:

Age: 11
Birthday: June 12, 2003.
Name: Hana Sabrine Hubert
Siblings: Adam (brother)


Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown.


Color: Green
Animal: All.
Plant: Lonicera, known as Honeysuckle.
Number: 7 (as in the seventh day of the week: Saturday)
Day: Saturday

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