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The Forever Nature Club is made up of any people who would like to participate in the NPM (Nature Preserving Movement), and all you have to do to become a member is ask me in a comment, or send an email to 


Member: 1.
Name: Hana Hubert.
Age: 11

Favorite Animal: All.
Position: Administrator
Age Group: Ultra Ecologist (10+)

 Member: 2,
Name: Adam Hubert.
Age: 8
Favorite Animal: Tabby Cat.
Age group: Aspiring Ecologist (8-9)

Member: 3.
Name: Tesnim Weber.
Age: 6 1/2
Favorite Animal: Duck 
Age group: Little Ecologist (7-)

Member: 4.
Name: Danya Weber.
Age: 9.
Favorite Animal: Panda. 
Age group: Aspiring Ecologist (8-9)

Member: 5.
Name: N.J. Shephard
Age: 11.
Favorite Animal: All (Horses and Guinea Pigs especially)
Age Group: Ultra Ecologist (10+)


  1. Can I be a member? I don't do google+ though.

    1. Yes. Would you like your picture and information posted or not?

    2. I'm fine with that. I'm 11, favorite animal is horses and guinea pigs (too bad I don't have the horse. I like all though.), and maybe you could take my picture from the profile pic.

  2. wanna be a member of my nature blog? just send me the info at
    did the story go through? i sent it to the


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