Tuesday, June 2, 2015

+ 5/14/15 The Garden

Here are a few pictures of my garden, which is still pretty small. It's still small, even though I expanded it since last year. I currently have two tomatoes, one rosemary (new), one pepper, and will have a row of bush beans, and a row of carrots (new).

This is a picture of the entire garden from above. the grass in the bottom right corner of the picture is the edge of my garden.

These are my two tomatoes--although it looks like one. There is actually two separate stalks at the base, that I couldn't separate for fear of damaging the fragile root ball when I was planting it.

I also planted Rosemary for my mother, and it's doing well so far! In fact, all of my plants survived the transplant and began growing almost immediately afterwards.
My one pepper plant, which is the smallest thing in my garden as of now. I will soon plant some beans and carrots hopefully.

I will make another post on my garden soon ;) till the next post.


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