Thursday, October 30, 2014

10/30/14: NEWS FLASH!

Hello, and welcome to today's report! Have you ever heard about Boo? No, not the world's cutest dog. The Boo I'm talking about is not a dog at all. He's a cat! But not just any cat. Boo is an exotic cross between an African Serval and an Egyptian Mau. He weighs 35 pounds--and he's out and about.
            The owner of this magnificent creature is Richard Todd. Richard mentioned not to fear Boo if you encounter him--Boo is friendly, de-clawed, and sleeps with Richard's kids!
           Richard paid $20,000 for the eight-year old feline. Richard assumes that Boo is probably scared. Boo escaped out the back door two weeks before October 28. He was last spotted behind Branmar Plaza, early Tuesday morning. If anyone spots Boo, please call the New Castle County Police so that Richard can respond as quickly as possible.

       OK, I am not a news reporter, but I tried to write that way for fun. And Boo is real. He's an F1 Savannah (it sounds like a fighter plane)! Here are some pictures of this famous escaped cat:

        That's about it, thanks, and bye!

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