Monday, May 26, 2014

5/26/14 DAY 6.

     Day 6.

      The beans still have not sprouted, even though I planted them 4 days ago. Yesterday, I planted a new tomato, which was really sick and unhealthy, and I decided to make it my project to bring it back to life, and named it Project Tumbleweed (tumbleweeds are a desert plant that are dead until they land in water, then they grow).
      Oh., by the way, Undead, my zombie pepper, really was dead, and I think he's a part of the soil now, 'cause I haven't really seen him since I planted him.
      Anyway, May has a new neighbor, but I don't think she's all that happy. They're a bit squished together and, considering how tall my tomatoes can get, too close for comfort. But I don't have any more room in my garden too space them farther apart, so I guess May is stuck with Tumbleweed, who's not looking all that well. Does he need more water, more sun, more growth room, more nutrients in the soil....?
       May is doing fine, and her leaves are a brightish dark green. She's alive and well, growing a bit more every day. I'm proud of her, and myself for being such a good parent....I mean gardener :)

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