Saturday, January 3, 2015

+ 1/03/15 Plant Pics

    It's almost been a year since I've started my website. And I'm sad to tell you that Survi had died. I have take  Invi back in. I cannot part with her. An Athorya, my exotic pine tree sapling, has crumpled her plastic-like needles and looks as wilted as a flower without water. And comfort has caught a disease similar to the one Marigold once had, and all but a few of her leaves have withered away to nothing. I am far too depressed by this to provide many pictures, but for the sake of those who read my posts, I will give one picture per plant.

Tropic: the pitcher plant I had once taken in with the thought that
it wouldn't even survive the day, now restored to it's former glory.


Comfort, the plant whom which I frequently clutched in my
arms to soothe me.


Invi, the plant that was originally my mothers, came to me,
was replaced by Survi who just died, and returned to me again.
Sorry, it won't let me upload my pic of Athorya, so I'll do her next post. Till next time!

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