Sunday, January 11, 2015

- 1/09/15 Spring

      Recently, I have been cleaning up my room, buying new furniture, and gardening supplies. I'm so excited for spring! When it does come, I will have a brand new desk to study, and a new, taller, wider table for my plants. Speaking of my plants, sadly, Comfort died. She lasted a few months, as did Athorya who has lived less, yet she is still alive, although wilted. Invi, who has stayed in my room for a long time, is as bright and lifeful as she ever was, and Tropic, although relatively new, has made a full recovery and looks healthy as ever. I hope all of my plants live to see the warm spring air, to see life everywhere, green blooming around to fill the air with the sweet fragrance of plants. I love spring so much that I wrote a short poem about it:

A leaf, twitching in the breeze,

Unfurling fragile flowers to the air,

Shuddering from the unseen,

And steeling itself for that to come.

Hardy, fragile, windy, calm.
Unknown, known, what could it be?
A mystery is simple as life.

Simple as that which isn't so at all.

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