Wednesday, February 18, 2015

- 2/18/15 Can't Wait Til Spring!

        A while back--a very, very, very long time ago, I posted about WolfQuest, a game I play where you are a wolf trying to survive in the wild. I provided a whole walkthrough for the first part, how to get started and move around. Now, I've gotten even more interested in it: to the point where I am now immersively studying wolves and writing a 5 paragraph essay on them. No, this is not an school assignment, it's fun, believe it or not, at least to me. So on the weekends/doing free time, I going crazy studying and learning about wolves. If you are also interested, go to for awesome info.
      I did some research on plants (and solar panels, and wolves... what's up with me and studying?) and I learned that the best time to plant tomatoes is in April. But my brain is screaming "Garden garden garden garden garden garden garden garden garden garden!!!" And driving me nuts. I just want to grab my hoe and churn my garden plot to loose soil and sprinkle in fertilizer and dig a hole and plant a ochre/tomatoes/bean seed/pepper or whatever I want to plant. It's an addiction, planting! This year I will not miss a day to post on my blog FROM NOW ON. I promise (I hope). Can't wait until then...
      I had a diary this year, but I gave up on it a little bit into the year (a week...). What does that have to do with anything? It's my silly excuse for writing 3 paragraph posts every other day. But I really can't keep someone's attention talking for as long as it will take to you to read this, but at least in writing people can come and go and read, and it won't bother me. Well, the first paragraph was about Wolf Quest, and the last sentence will too. I made a slideshow about wolf behavior. Till the next post, people.

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