Monday, February 16, 2015

+ 2/16/15 My New Plants

      I admit, I have not been on here posting for a while, and "a while" has amounted to--yes--a whole month. And in that period of time I have both acquired and lost a plant. That plant I have lost is Invi. No, she did not die, but she caught the disease that killed Marigold and Athorya and is dying as well, and I fear that the disease will pass on to Bella. So I sorta kicked Invi out of my room and left her in my mothers care which she originally came from.
           Bella, you ask? Well, Bella is my new plant, my stunning, pink flowered, slender, dark leaved orchid plant. No, I do not favor my plants based on looks, but I must say that Bella is beautiful. She wilted a bit but she had a rough time on the way from Cleveland, Ohio to Wilmington, Delaware. How? Well for starters, the trip between those two cities is what, 8 hours? That sounds right. And orchids love warm temperatures, say in the 70s. And the temperature at that time? Oh, some negative number.... Yes, a heat loving plant made a journey in temperature's lower then 0. Just lovely. Hey, I had a rough time too...
           Oh, wait! I sincerely forgot (like, for real) that I recently acquired another plant. Well, two more plants. Three, counting Bella. Sorry, sorry! My other two plants are (not named) and (not named). Isn;t that helpful? Lol, no, I doubt it. I mean, my other two plants are Nephrolepis exaltata (neff-FRAHL-lepp-piss eck-sahl-TAY-tuh) and Chamaedorea elegans (kam-ee-DOR-ee-uh EL-uh-ganz). Wait, now what???? You mean you don't get that??? (gasp). Even though I provided a way to pronounce it? You really ought to know such things on the blog of an Ecologist... Just kidding XD. Their common names are Boston Fern and Neanthe Bella. Easier to say for you, perhaps, but I prefer--don't worry, I won't bore you with the long names. Haha!

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