Thursday, February 26, 2015

* 2/22/15 Ostrich Eye vrs. Brain

        Hello! I have a very interesting fact for this post. Did you know that an ostrich's eye is larger then it's brain? Well, I'm sure you've heard the term "bird-brain" which is supposed to be an insult because birds have such small brains. But in this case, is it the eye that is big, or the brain that is small? I will proceed to list the facts I have acquired, compared to an average songbird:

A sparrow weighs 31 grams.
A sparrows brain weight is 14.17 grams.
Therefore the ratio is approximately 31/14

An ostrich weighs 102,512 grams.
An ostrich's brain weight is 42.1 grams.
Therefore the ratio is approximately 102512/47

An ostrich is 3306 times larger then a sparrow.
An ostrich's brain weighs approximately 2 times more then a sparrow.
Therefore the ostrich's brain is 1653 times smaller then it would be if it was proportional

            And yet, the eye of the ostrich is at the same time very large, so that factors in as well. So, I come to the conclusion that the ostrich's brain is 1653 times smaller then it would be if it was proportional, and that the eye is 1.13064133017 times larger the brain.
            A final note: All math done is approximate. The work is likely to be incorrect, do not claim as factual in your own work. The comparisons may or may not be valid, it is not proven or decreed either way.
            A final, final, note: The "final note" seems like one of those ads that you hear on the radio about some sort of medicine, that always mentions something like, "If your head gets swollen, your chest gets tight, you have problems breathing, or you break out in a rash, call your doctor and stop taking this medicine! This medicine might cause chest inflammation, head pains, and abdominal issues. If you have any of these symptoms, your life could be in danger. Stop taking this medicine now!" And just like that, I mentioned that my work is likely not true, despite all the effort I put into gathering the information and solving the equations. *sigh*. I wonder of those medicine-selling people feel this way... Anyway, I hope you enjoy! Bye!

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