Saturday, December 27, 2014


     Hi, welcome to another post on my Forever Nature website. I have been posting here for a while --from May, until now, the end of December, winter. You know, it hasn't snowed yet in winter. HOLD UP, I know what you are thinking: Yes, it snowed! It did! And then a holdup on my end: Oh yes it did, but in FALL!! Haha, we had no snow in winter, just a mild flurry in fall.
       So, anyway, my father provided me with an interesting theory: there is no straight rule or concept for motion. What? Yes, motion does not exist unless compared to another object. Let's take the electronic you are using to view this. Set it down. Do. Not. Touch. It. Is it moving? Well, I told you not to touch it, so no it's not. WRONG! It is moving, you and the whole house is too. I mean, THE WHOLE EARTH IS SHOOTING THROUGH SPACE AS YOU READ THIS!!! Ahem, I apologize for the all-caps, but I'm trying to make a point here.
       Now let's say you are in the car, driving somewhere. Let's look at the dashboard. Is it moving? Ah..... Well the thing is, it is and it isn't. You cannot simply say "The dashboard is moving" or "The dashboard is not moving". Why? Because motion only exists if it is compared to another object. Compared to the paper that is on top of the dashboard neither of them are moving. But compared to the trees that are whizzing by outside, it is most certainty moving--at some 65 miles per hour at that!

      Let us abandon the bizarre topic of motion and think back to the previous post. The one about "the big test" and all the flowery stuff I mentioned. Did you take it? I doubt it.... Why would I doubt the people that read this? Because I do. Look, if I promised you that the link would take you to a fun-and-games filled website that will provide you delight that knows no bounds... Then you would click it in a heart beat. But a test is not as appealing to people--except me, I took my own test, and created it, studied it, and learned from it too. I'll try something different, a link to a game that I created. And I swear to god it's a game, no joke. Go ahead and don't believe the queen of sarcasam, but you're missing out. On the GAMES section of my website, I posted games I created on Scratch. Well this game is made on Scratch too, by me (duh). So, let's see how much you believe me!

Virtual Cat

There, click the above link.
It's a prank.
I'm trying to trick you.
But the link is for a game.
A game about getting your goat on.
But it's about a cat,
Joking, it's nothing, really.
But it's real.
I'm not lying, you'll love it.
But you might hate it.
I don't know.
Because it's fake.
No it's not.
DOn;t listen to me.
It must be an imposter writing this.
But it's only me.
Who is me?
A person that posts fake links.
And hacks websites.
But likes games.
So I post links to games.
Even though the above link is not a link to a game.
Even though it is.
I mean, is not.
I mean... I do not know what I mean.
Are you still there.
Well you must be because then how would you read this?
Wow, you're very loyal to read this far.
Will you listen to me?
Well, some info:
I am a mind reader.
You cannot say N without touching your tongue to the roof of your mouth.
You're trying it now and looking like an idiot.
And now you're smiling.

HAHAHAHA I wonder how many people are even reading this.
And I wonder how long this will go on for.
No, I'll end it here.
Okay I will, see ya later!

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