Thursday, April 2, 2015

- 4/02/15 1st Even Day of April Celebration

         Well, today actually came! I kind of thought it never would,  or that something would go wrong and despite the fact that I said today would be a celebration day--I wouldn't actually post. Silly me. I did! And with this post--the first one in Earth Month--I have lots of news.
         I'll start this post with something totally awesome that I saw yesterday (April fools day, yes, I know. This is not a joke!). I saw--in my backyard--2 snakes. Mating! So... I have a thriving population of Garter snakes in my backyard! And lots of mice too, so they and their future snakelets (I don't know what you call a baby snake) will not go hungry. I even got a picture! I'll figure out a way to post it here....
        News #2: I did the first Park Day clean up of the year--guess where? As luck will have it, it was at the exact same place as my first park day clean up last year. Now, my friend that did the park day clean up last year wasn't there (noooo), but the clean up was still successful. I even forget the name of the park, but I'll post a picture I took of the sign when I can. I'm really excited--the first day of Earth Month and I've already found an awesome way to contribute! And today, I will be allowing microorganisms and worms a chance for an extremely healthy life when I prepare my garden tiller-free. As in, not chopping worms to death with the deadly blades of a rotor-tiller. I'll get the job done by hand!
        My last and final "news" for today is the already-known fact that I will be preparing my garden. I'll get it done by the end of the day, no doubt! I'm just a little tied up with my brother's appointment and my own schoolwork at the moment (11:30 a.m.) But, no worries, by around 4:00, the second post today will be up on my website, so just keep an eye out her at that time! Till the next post--wait, that's today! Till the next 4 1/2 hours, then.

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