Wednesday, April 22, 2015

* 4/14/15 Aquarium Trip

         I'm still away--and seeing a lot of cool things! I went to an aquarium in Minnesota (I've been to Ohio and Wisconsin so far too), as one of the many fun destinations we've been to. Others include lots of museums (about 5?), the Mall of America (largest mall in the U.S.), many restraunts (not that impressive) and the aquarium!
        The aquarium was called Sea Life, and was a part of the Mall of America, taking up a whole level. We could touch stingrays, although I didn't get to that due to the time limit, and learn about new species of creatures beneath the sea. One of the ocean creatures I won't forget in a hurry is the Moon Jelly Aurelia aurita, simply because there was a whole room dedicated just to displaying their stunning forms gliding through cylinders that stand vertically around the room.

This is a Moon Jelly! Aurelia aurita, as I have memorized. This is, however, a picture I found on Google Images, and is not one that I took, unlike the following pictures.

I regret to inform you that I am not in possession of a quality camera at the moment... So the graphics of the pictures will not be in quality resolution, or perfectly clear. Anyway, this is me observing the sea life though the glass walls of a tunnel.


This, in a fairly blurry appearance (taken from my mother's out-dated Blackberry), is one of the many fish and sharks I viewed through the tunnel.

A flagtail! With a very big mouth too....

I am pointing at a flower, beneath a sign that displays an interesting fact.

 This is the "fun fact" close up.
This is the last fact, as well as the last picture, and the second to last sentence.
Till the next post!

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