Saturday, April 4, 2015

- 4/04/15 Fox!

         Take happiness. And multiply it by infinity. Then add π. You get how happy I am: ∞. Why? I will proceed to explain.... I might have a fox in my backyard again!!!! My evidence:

         *Foxes are active in spring. It is spring.
         *Foxes produce a musky, skunk-like smell to mark their territory. My dad smelled skunk.
         *Foxes dig holes in search of beetle larvae and worms. There were shallow holes in the sand in my backyard.
         *Foxes have dog-like paw prints. I saw such prints in the sand where the holes were.
         *Foxes often make dens under sheds, decks, or houses. My dad thought he saw movement by our deck.
          Conclusion: We have a fox!!!


  1. I have 1 question how did you get the game feed the fish on your page

    1. Okay. Well, you have to go to Design in the top right corner of your blog, the click Layout on the left side. Then find a spot where you want the Feed The Fish to be and click Add Gadget. Something should pop up. Click on More Gadgets, and the 6th one down is called Fish. Click on Fish and view your website. It should work!


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