Tuesday, May 5, 2015

+ 4/28/15 Strange Growth 4

An original. Had a sequel. Became a trilogy. Now I provide a fourth to my series of posts for my pitcher plant alone, which had "strange growth" in the center. In fact, if you type in those two words in the search bar of my website, all the past posts on it will come up. The stalk is now 1 ft 4 inches, and the "bud" opened up to reveal I-have-no-idea. But I'm still posting about it while simultaneously searching for a clue as to what it is. It has pollen--I know that much. This is how it looks now:

     Its... Very tall. Very, very tall. But I think it's done growing now. I also got a close-up of the top but I cant get it to post :(

I've decided to go over my posts this year and add a * on the title of posts that are informative articles, and + on the titles of posts like these that are about my plants or garden. That way, you can just search * in the search bar of my website if you want essays. Thanks! Till the next post.


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