Saturday, May 9, 2015

+ 5/08/15 Garden

I finally got some work done on my garden--and it's marking the start of a lot of progress. I technically got this done on the 9nth, but I'm posting a day before. (I'm confusing myself). So my dad tilled (roto-tilled) his garden, and I relented and said he could till my garden (I was prejudiced about tillers because they crush worms, but my dad said that tilling also loosens the soil and improves the conditions for the worms).

Then he said that he can do my garden, but I have to take out the fence. So I did, he tilled it, and it took a lot less time then April 2nd, when I did it by hand. Now, my dad said that we can purchase plants for our gardens this week, and hopefully by next week it'll be all done. That will be around the 20-30th, and that's the time my garden was finished last year. So I'm on track. Somewhat. (dials Longwood Gardens) Any clue how much the tomato plant are? Alright, be right over. Till the next post.

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