Monday, May 11, 2015

+ 5/10/15 The First of Many

      The first plant of this years garden is planted! At least, for my garden. My dad already has 6 of his 9 tomato plants in the ground, as well his cucumber plants. I planted one tomato plant... But, at the same time, it's not really one. It's more like 2. Two tomato's sharing a root ball, and their stems smushed up together like they are one plant. I'll call them the Twins.

For the second plant I have... Which I have had for seemingly eternity (since January 26th, as I wrote in my plant log), I provided some additional care for it's little leaves. My Nephrolepis exaltata (yes, I memorized it's scientific name for whatever reason I don't know), now has this;

I started off with a circular tin tray. I filled it with pebbles, and filled the tin with water.
Then, I placed the Boston Fern on top of the tray, and the tray + pot on top of my dresser counter. In this picture you can see the orchid (far left), Boston Fern (second from left), Palm Tree (Middle, Green pot), and my newest addition, Oxalis triangularis, a.k.a. Purple Shamrock (far right). You can also see me holding my fathers phone in the mirror.


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