Friday, May 8, 2015

* 5/02/15 Gardening Tips

I was originally freaking out that I don't have a planted garden by the start of May, but then I looked at my post from last year and saw that I made my garden the 21st! So I'm no longer in any rush, except to pick out soil amendments (I've been pestering my dad for fertilizer to provide more nutrients to the drained soil of our gardens). So far, I have gotten a plant, whish does not happen to be for my garden (I'm stocking on houseplants). First the snapdragon, now an Oxalis triangularis. Translated into common speak, Purple Shamrock.

But anyway, I did not write this post to provide updates, more so to give you a genuine post. So I provide you with a special for the "first day" (it's the 8th that I'm typing this). A list for gardening tips, that might come in handy someway or other.
Gardening Tips:
1. Buy plants local.
2. Pay attention to the plants life cycle.
3. Give plants a good growing environment.
4. Chose plants that are well-suited to your climate.
5. Space plants so that they will shade weeds at maturity.
6. Concentrate compost and fertilizer where plants are growing. 
 7. Water seedlings with a fine stream of water that will not damage them.
8. Transplant seedlings late in the day when it is overcast to reduce transplant shock.
9. A week before transplanting a seedling, take it outside to get used to full light and wind. 
10. Buy a gallon of water, place it on it's side, and put germinating seedlings on for warmth.
        I arranged the tips in a tree-like formation (XD) so it looks cooler... And stranger. For those of you that do plant, I hope these are helpful. Till the next post.


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