Monday, November 17, 2014


     It's Saturday! I'm coming home tomorrow, not that it matters. The next update will be Monday. This post will be a fun one: A mystery! Try to solve it.

          Two people were taking care of a cactus store one day, and one person, Kate, was standing by the most expensive cactus. The second person, an elderly lady, left to go to the bathroom. When she left, a man came into the store.
          "I'm here to check that cactus next to you. It's very rare, and I need to take to a greenhouse where it can be cared for properly." The man said. Kate didn't move.
          "I don't think so. You can only have it if you buy it." She said firmly.
          "You don't understand. I'm an expert on cactuses, and I know that the cactus there is too rare to be kept here. You have to let me take it to a greenhouse."
          "I'm sorry, but I can't let you have it. You're just a theif." Kate said. How did Kate know?

(To find out the answer, highlight the space below) 

         "You couldn't be an expert," Kate said, "Or you would have said "cacti", not "cactuses".

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