Thursday, November 6, 2014

11/06/14 Park Day Clean Up!

     Hello! Today is an IMPORTANT post! There will be a new ritual--every Thursday I will post about Park Day Clean Up! Park Day Clean Up is a thing I've started to do every Wedneday, where I go to a park and clean it up the litter! I went to Brandywine Springs Park (shown below)

for Park day yesterday. Here are some pictures of me cleaning up with my brother Adam:   
I also went down a path called:
and it looked beautiful like this:
But some parts looked ugly like this:
But I made it look like this: free of litter!
       In all, I really loved my experience at Brandywine Springs Park, and I loved how good it made me feel to clean up the park, and give nature the respect it deserves. If you would like to know which park I will be going to next, comment and I'll post it! As a conclusion, I will show you how much I hate litter, expressed by my friend:

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