Wednesday, November 26, 2014


THE GREAT BIG BOOK OF NATURE is progressing. I have two chapters so far, and 9 full sized pages on the computer.
      Recently, whenever I feel really sad and start crying, I go to Comfort (she's apropriatley named) and talk to her, I know, it sounds weird, but I do. I feel like she can listen to me even when no one else can. Also, I stil can't find my camera plug, but I've decided to take the pictures right of my computer, even though you'll see a whole lot of background as well. :(
That's them together, balancing on the little stool I have.
Comfort, with her beautiful lush green leaves and sturdy although not visible stalk.
Comfort, again.
AGAIN? Goodness, this is enough of her! XD
Ah, someplant that's not Comfort! Invi!
Invi, again. I just had to take a lot of pictures....

Yup, that's it. If you cannot stand my unbearable humor and sarcasm, I suggest you don't read these posts. I can't help it... Maybe I can, but that's beside the point...See! I'm doing it again! I have a case of  be-funny-itis! AAAAH! *dies*

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