Tuesday, November 18, 2014


       I'm HOME! Sadly, I lost my camera plug so I cannot download the pictures I took of Comfort, Invi, or... I can't say Marigold. She was dead when I came back. :'(. Her stalk still remains but it is hollow and empty. I will always remember her...
       For some more happy news, my brother Adam has a blog too now, Adam's Blog, which is all about minecraft. He's obsessed with it, but I have to admit I am too. But that has nothing to do with nature so a change of subject, please!
       Lastly, I'm going to continue with the Members Page activities, so hopefully more members will join. Now, that was really short, since I can't think of anything else to say, but let me just give you another mystery:

        At 9:00 P.M., the Aquaville Aquarium closes. Only five people were still there when the aquarium closed for the night. However, when the security guards made sure that everyone left the  aquarium, only four people walked out. The security guards searched the building, but no one was still inside. When the security guards went outside again, a man rushed out from in the building and joined the group.
         "Why were you still in the building after we closed down?" One guard asked.
         "I'm sorry sir, but a bee got into the building while I was walking down the hall, and I accidentally stepped on it. It hurt too much for me to leave the building immediately, so I went to the bathroom and got the stinger out, then I came outside." The man explained. The security guards nodded and were about to leave, when one of the guards realized something, and knew that the man was lying. They searched his pockets, and found a plastic bag containing an exotic fish that had been smuggled out. How did the police know that the man was lying?

(highlight the space below for the answer)

        Bee's are not active at night, so one wouldn't have been in the building, even if there was a hive in the building.

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