Friday, December 19, 2014


           I have like, a million topics to discuss, but I've decided to do a picture update for today. You're probably like: YESH! A PIC UPDATE! And this one had got some exciting news... Sort of. I dunno.

       Well, now for the pics, then a final word at the end. WARNING: SARCASM IS PRESNT.

Pic #1. Me and darling Comfort.

Me and Comfort, take 2.

Invi and I! Aww......

Smile for the pic, Tropic!



Again, Tropic? This enough of you! MOVE ON!
Wait a sec.... *clears throat*.....
Sorry. Ah, umm, well..... Nothing, nothing, moving along here... Heh heh....

Just one pic of Athorya, 'cuz if ya really wanna see her, a dedicated a whole post to her.

         So, for the news I've been waiting to tell you.... You saw good old Invi right? Well as I might have mentioned before, Invi is my mother's plant that was almost dead when I took her in and nursed her back to health. Now, she's very healthy, and will return back to my mother, sadly. I'm actually really sad, even though I haven't had her for that long.
        Anyway, the good news is that my mom has another mint plant that's entirely dead except for two remaining strands (she's not a good gardener) and so what I am going to do is (no, not keep it) cut a strand from it, plant it, and grow my own! I've done it before, it's really simple. The stalk of mint plants can serve as a root too and new shoots spring from it if it is planted. So, on Sunday when I have time (and can post again) I will provide pictures of her/him!

See ya then!


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