Tuesday, December 23, 2014


           Okay, so Survi looks fine, he is two days old, and I'm busy, upset and annoyed, BLAH. Due to my lack of time, I would very much like to end my post like this, but my readers will be wuite displeased. So *happy tone* Chirstmas Eve is tomorrow! Who likes gift trading? Da Polyana! ZE AWESOMENESS!!!! Then there is Christmas, which I don't even celebrate (but still attend a Christmas party), but what da heck does this have to do with nature? Nothing. So....Uh.... Well... Look, I'm stumped. Can I just like, post again in two days to please you? I do anyway, so whatever.
            To at least begin to bring the subject (which is non-existent) to nature, let's start of by a point I want to make: You all know antibacterial hand soap? The kind you find just 'bout anywhere? Well, drop it. You're murdering millions of innocent lives. Now, I don't disagree with your average soap, because the germs it kills have the potential of making you sick. But there's plenty of good bacteria on your hand that actually helps you, and killing it deals you bad as well as good. And it isn't just killed, it's violently murdered. How? Do read on, please.

          Some alcohol-containing sanitizers work in this way: The alcohol dehydrates the microbe, unfolds all of it's proteins, and thus kills it.

           Soaps and sanitizers that conation triclosan work in this way: The triclosan acts as a poison that functions like any other poison and inevitably ends in death for the microbe, in a way by poisoning the cell's semipermeable membrane and not allowing objects to pass through it, leaving it no longer semipermeable. The toxins and waste products produced by the cell are trapped within, and kill the cell since it cannot exit. Imagine dying because you cannot use the bathroom!

            So, if you want some advice from me, use regular soap, not the one that kills innocent microbe lives for a crime they are not guilty of. Tragic deaths, even on an teeny weeny itsy bitsy size and scale, should not be tolerated by antibacterial-using people. SO DROP THE ANTI-BACTERIAL SOAP!

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