Monday, December 15, 2014


Recently, I have discovered this game called WolfQuest. It's a fun, educational game where you are a wolf with the goal to survive in the woodlands of Yellowstone State Park, and start a pack. You can hunt, track animals, find a mate, have pups, and go on expeditions. Here is a picture below:

         For those of you who would like to play, I will provide a walkthrough:


Opening the game:

1.When you open up Wolf Quest, you will see a screen that says Screen Resolution (your choice) Graphics (your choice) and beneath it you will see the option Play and Quit.  Select Play to begin.

2.The screen will then get bigger, and you will see the options Single Player, Multiplayer, and Quit. This walkthrough is for Single Player, so select that.

3. You will now see a new screen. Select New Game, which is beneath the text Start at the beginning on Amethyst Mountain. You will be redirected to a new screen which will require you to create a wolf.

Creating a wolf:

1. At the top of the side panel, you will see Wolf Name: (box). Inside of the box, fill in your wolf's name.

2. Below that are five boxes, each containing a pattern of fur for your wolf, which can be viewed on the right. Select one.

3. Below that are the color shades for your wolf. The slide on the left is the shade of color your wolf is, and the one on the right is which color your wolf is.

4. Below that are three sliders: Strength, Stamina, and Speed. If you raise one, the other two will lower. Strength makes you stronger and increases your size, Stamina is how long you can run for without slowing down, and Speed is how fast you can run. Adjust the sliders to suit your wolf.

5. At the bottom, you will see the options Male and Female. Select one to chose your gender.

Playing the game:

1. After you have created a wolf, select Play Game. You will appear in desert-like plains. To move, press the left, right, up and down arrow keys, or W, A, S, and D.

2. In the top left corner of the screen you will see a picture of your wolf, a two bars. A green bar for your stamina, and a red bar for your health and hunger. To eat, approach an elk carcass and wait until you see a green wolf symbol, then press the Space bar. To hunt, press M to see the map, and walk until you are inside of a red circle. Press M again to exit the map. Then press V to turn on Scent Mode, and walk around until you pick up the scent of an elk, which will look like a trail of pink dots. Follow it until you see an elk herd. Chase down an elk, and press space bar when you see a red wolf icon to kill it. You can then eat it by approaching the carcass and waiting until you see a green wolf symbol, then press the Space bar.

2. The purpose of Amethyst Mountain is to find a mate. To do so, turn on the map by pressing M, and walk towards a purple circle. This is the territory of another wolf. When you have touched the purple circle on the map, turn on Scent Mode by pressing V. Walk around until you pick up the scent of a wolf, which will look like a trail of yellow dots. Follow it until you see a wolf. Press V again to turn off Scent Mode. Touch the wolf and interact with it by selecting things to say, which you can see in the bottom left corner. Try to defeat the wolf by being aggressive, and saying things like; "Do I know you?" Or "I want to be boss!" When the wolf surrenders, tell him to leave. After you have defeated the wolf, go to the other wolf territories, and defeat a wolf from each pack. Eventually, you will meet a Dispersal Wolf. Interact with him/her positively, by saying things like; "I like you," or "Let's play!" Or "Let's start a pack,". This wolf will become your mate, as long as it's the opposite gender as you.

(The walkthrough for Slough Creek will be added soon.)

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