Thursday, December 11, 2014


So! Just a little talk.. Have you ever seen this plant?

It looks cute, right? Pretty flowers, dainty stem, and you just want to pick it up and nibble of one of it's flowers--*gasp* *choke* *die*

Yah, don't eat it.... This plant is the MOST TOXIC IN THE UNTIED STATES. It can kill you within 15 MINUTES! And it's nickname is the SUICIDE ROOT. Wanna take a bite? I think NOT. Seriously, no joke. If you see this plant, stay away. If you happen to be an aspiring ecologist that goes by the name of Hana Hubert, then step forward and stare at for an hour. Hey, I wanna get to know my ennimies, because Water Hemlock doesn't kill people, people don't bother to check before take a bite out of it. Okay, I'm being kind of harsh. It's just that people should learn to identify this plant so that they don't risk death, or just not take bites out of random plants :/

BTW: I've seen it before. And I didn't die. So don't freak out.

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