Sunday, December 21, 2014


         You've been waiting for today, according to Friday's report (12/19/18) right? I thought so. And the rumors are true: I got myself a new plant! A mint plant, of course: I have a lot of 'em in the house. I named him Survi, a name ending in "I" like Invi, my previous mint plant that wasn't even mine. So no, I do not have one more number of plants, I just replaced one that wasn't even mine with one that is. But I will never, ever forgot Invi who I so graciously and lovingly cared for a month. Hopefully, Survi will last me a year or longer, surviving the brutal winter and living to see the luxurious sun of spring and summer. But Survi is tiny. His mother (or father) wishes to remain anonymous (name-wise) but she can be seen in the following video that shows you how to  produce a mint plant from another mint plant: quickly and easily!
      So now that you've seen how I planted Survi, you probably want to see him (duh). So, some pictures!
Aww, pose for the camera, Survi!


You can see him here, in his giant pot, smiling up at the world.


Close up #2.

All of my beauties.

So that is it. I left the heat lamp on to give Survi a boost in his growth, for his first day of birth.
Also, I have cool news. My dad saw a squirrel outside trying to get into a box. We watched it and it was desperate to get in, so I went outside, scared it away, and picked up the box. It was mouse poison! If the squirrel had broken in, it would have died. I saved it's life, although I did not know it at the moment.
So that's it, see y'all on Tuesday.

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