Thursday, December 4, 2014


Sorry that I haven't posted in a long time but YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!! I was at my homeschool group in the woods and I saw these dense, fern-like plants that blanketed the wet leafy ground. They were surprisingly hardy to survive the cold fall environment, and not one of them looked wilted or unhealthy! I uprooted one--and it had a very strong root system, and transplanted it into a plastic bottle. Not only did it survive the transplant--but it looks no different from when it was growing wild! This plant--whatever it is-- is hardier then a mint plant for sure-and I've had two mint plants before! Can anyone please tell me what it is?

     Her name is Athorya BTW. Pronounced: uh-THORE-ee-uh.

Also, I'm only keeping Athorya in that little cup until I get a bigger pot (don't worry I will).

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