Tuesday, March 17, 2015

+ 3/14/15 Strange Growth 2

      This post, unlike my last two, is not an informative essay. Rather, it is a well-due update on my plants. More specifically, Tropic. You know that really odd thingy coming up from the center that looks like a mushroom? I wrote a post about it not long ago. Well, I managed to get a picture of it.  First, let me give you an idea of how big it is. Lets compare it to a mushroom again. Generally, the stalk of a mushrrom is the same height of the mushroom top. Say the mushroom stalk is 2 inches. The top will probably be 2 inches too. So that's s(stalk) = t(top). s = t is the formula we have based on a general mushroom. My mushroom-thing's stalk is 15 times bigger then the top. !!!!!!  The top is half of an inch (1.25 cm) and the stalk is.... (drumroll)... 8 inches! That's a big stalk. Take a look:

I told you it was tall. Now my big question is: What is that little circle thing at the top going to open up into? A flower? A seed case? A..A... mouth with fanged teeth? I have no clue. Again, please, if you know what this bizzare growth on my Sarracenia purpurea subs. purpurea then please let me know! Or I'll just figure it out as time goes on...

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