Tuesday, March 17, 2015

* 3/12/15 'Death Zoo'

       Trapped in a small, dirty cage. Laying in the soot for countless hours, alone with nothing but silence for comfort. Slowly starving to death, limbs growing thinner, tail as thin as a rat's. Lying in the cold, cement-floored cage, rotting away. This is how it is for Melani, a emaciated and sick Sumatran tiger, before she was rescued from the Surabaya zoo in Indonesia. She was so sick that even a specialized veterinarian could not save her, since Melani suffered from digestive disorder after being fed tainted meat. Melani died soon after being rescued from her torturous prison, and she wasn't the only one. In fact, Melani is one of the hundreds of animals that died from neglect at Surabaya zoo. Three more tigers, dozens of Komodo dragons, and a giraffe all died recently from starvation and abuse in the Surabaya zoo. This has led the zoo to be nicknamed, "death zoo".
             These animals are being tortured, starved, abused, and forced to live in overcrowded, dirty cages. We cannot let the deaths continue. Animals deserve the freedom and peace, and we deserve to give them that. By signing a Care2 petition, emaciated animals like Melani can be spared a slow and painful death. Worse, when they die, their valuable body parts are sold to the illegal wildlife trade. If the Care2 petition reaches 100,000 votes, the Indonesia officials will be notified, and with enough pressure, they may agree to shut down the 'death zoo' and let the animals go to a sanctuary. Save lives, and take a stance against the cruelty animals around the world are being faced with. Sign this petition.  
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  1. WOW! you are a good writer, and always have interesting things to blog. AWESOME

  2. WOW! you are a good writer, and always have interesting things to blog. AWESOME

    1. Thank you! I'm trying to make a difference in the world and save animals like Melani.


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