Monday, March 30, 2015

+ 3/26/15 Strange Growth 3

     Some books have a sequel. And often, they are part of a trilogy! This is third but likely not last update on Tropic, my Sarracenia purpurea subs. purpurea, a.k.a. purple pitcher plant. As you might know (if you don't, read Strange Growth 1 & 2), Tropic has grown a stalk (since when did pitcher plants grow stalks?) and it is huuuge with a bud at the end. Now for it's height.... The first post, it was 1 inch. At the end of the week, it was eight inches. Now, it's--(drumroll please)--12 1/2 inches!!!!! That's a foot and half an inch! MAJOR GROWTH, HERE. I'll provide some pics for you.

This is the full height of Tropic's bizzare and awesome stalk.
 And this is a really blurry close up of Tropic's stem's bud's inside. Phew, enough apostrophes!

 And, as of today, I saw your average interesting weed, and I did your not-so-average actions. I made a pot (yes, made it) out of a paper plate and a bag blowing across the street. Then I stuck the two together with neon green duct tape and popped in the plant. And... You get Glory! She's your not-so-average plant in a not-so-average pot.

Till the next post (who knows, maybe Tropic will be 1 1/2 feet by then!).

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