Tuesday, March 10, 2015

* 3/04/15 Earth Hour

      Have you ever heard about Earth hour? Earth hour is a global event that is raising awareness about climate change. On Saturday, March 28th, 8:30 p.m. thousands of people will turn off their lights. This event was started by WWF (World Wildlife Fund) in 2007, and now has spread across the world as it celebrates it 8th anniversary of making a difference. The first step in taking a stance towards climate change is the simple switching of a light--which, when done alongside of thousands of other people--can make a real difference. But the goal of Earth Hour is not limited to a light switch. Rather, it goes beyond the actual date, hoping to inspire people to continue to do good for and to the environment, helping our planet grow alongside us.
        In many cities, you might notice large neon signs or lights out on this day, along with dark buildings and houses. For the minimum negative effect on the environment, keep every light off in your house, using candles and/or torches to see. And even after Earth Hour is over, and the lights of the city are gleaming bright as ever, you can still make a difference. Starting your own project to help raise awareness, or adding your voice to another's project are both beneficial ways we can protect the Earth we live on and ensure we and the other organisms on Earth with us have the best life possible for many years to come.

       I hope this essay that I wrote inspired you all enough to participate in the upcoming Earth Hour, and I can promise that my family and I will be! To quickly register for this event, visit http://wwf.worldwildlife.org/site/R?i=NRTyfCDJkjy48n2htIMIZA
       Thank you! Till the next post.

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