Monday, March 16, 2015

* 3/10/15 Just One Word

          I have my own business selling flowers made out of duct tape, and I attend shows monthly. During these shows, I set up a stand and sell my products. Over the years I have increased my knowledge of selling, and how to get peoples attention. Many times, as I sit behind my table, I call out, "Hello," to people passing by. One time when I said this, a lady stopped and came over to me. After talking for a little bit, she bought something, and told me to "Keep on saying hi!" If I had not caught her attention, she would not have seen me there, and in turn not have purchased anything. In this way, some people are not aware of certain things until it is brought to their attention, in which case they would gladly help.
          Right now, there are certain major issues that need to be addressed. In Idaho, USA, for example, native wolves had been hunted down until no more existed there. Recently, wolves have been reintroduced, and the population was thriving. Then, even more recently, the state began killing them off again to raise game animal numbers. Now, few wolves remain, and those that do are being steadily hunted down, sometimes gunned down from the air or caught in traps. Very few people are aware of this brutal killing, it is one of those problems that remains hidden in the corner until it is made known. It's up to us to call these issues to attention, and sometimes it only takes one word.
          Certain people, when aware of something, will provide help without a second thought. Bringing problems to attention will not only help it be resolved, but prevent future related issues from occurring. Like how it was for me, it often only takes one word to let others know. And if one word doesn't work, a quick message might. By forwarding the link to this article, more and more people can become aware of common problems and we can all work together to solve them. It's not that hard! You don't need to call out, "There are problems that need to be addressed!" at public places, but you can post similar articles on other blogs or websites, and/or make brochures or flyers to hand out. These simple things can bring people together, and unite them for a single purpose; doing good to the world and our own future. It just takes one word.

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