Monday, March 9, 2015

* 3/02/15 Cat Speak

       I write a post every 2 days on average, and going from the 28th to the 2nd isn't quite "2 days". My reason: I want to post on every even day! Meaning the date has to be even. So rather then the 1st, I'm posting on the 2nd. Hope you don't mind. I do recall promising never to miss a day, so I won't break it just yet (hopefully never). Now, for this post's subject... Cat speak!
         Yes, cat speak. How to talk back and forth with your cat, fluently. I promise, this works.
          #1. "Hello!" Every cat needs to say "hello", and you got to know how to say it. Well, you can't "say" hello to a cat. They say it to you in body language, and they'll understand it if you say it back. Say you walk into a room, and the cat there sees you, walks up to you, and stretches out it's head towards you. That means, "Hello!" You can respond by holding out her hand and lowering your middle finger, and hold it out just in front of the cat's face. In response, your cat will touch noses with the "nose" that is actually your middle finger.

       #2. "I'm no threat!" You don't want your cat to see you as a massive, harmful creature to be feared. Telling your cat that you mean no harm will let them know that you care. If your cat is already relaxed about your pretense, the following gesture can also mean, "I love you." To tell that to your cat, look them in the eye and think in your head, "I". Then slowly close your eyes, and think, "love". After another pause, open your eye and think, "you." This slow blink is a way of showing that you trust your cat enough to close your eyes and leave yourself vulnerable.

       #3. "I want food!" This you cannot say to your cat, unless you have a sudden craving for cat food. Rather, you need to understand this behavior in your cat, so you can respond to it's needs. Pacing near or around the area where it gets fed, and looking up at you while meowing insistently are all signs that your cat is hungry.

       #4. "Come!" This you can tell to your cat, and you can do it easily. All you havge to do is kneel down at eye level with your cat, look at the ground next to your cat, and not at your cat's eyes. Then extend your hand to your cat and lower your middle finger in the "Hello!" gesture, until your cat walks up to your hand and rubs up against.

      To all of you cat-lovers, I hope this helped! Till the next post.


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