Sunday, March 22, 2015

- 3/18/15 Ashland Nature Center

      *singsong voice* It is almost spri-ing, it is almost spri-ing! 2 more days until the time when I can plant my garden and watch it grow... Well, I won't quite be doing that in two days. Rather, I'll be leaving for a show on the 26th and be back on the 30th... So, as a "First Even Day of April" celebration, my post on the 2nd of April will be of me cleaning out my garden! No, I'm not going to be planting anything, but I will hoe it up, shovel and loosen the soil, and add in soil amendments or fertilizer.
         Okay, I'm going to conclude my rant about planting and begin something a tad bit more interesting. I am going to the Ashland Nature Center soon for a sleepover! I'll be taking midnight hikes, doing a reptiles and amphibians exhibit! I can't wait to share my notes that I took and post them here! I am unaware of the precise date, so I can't quite give you that... But anyway, it should be a really fun and interactive and knowledgeable experience!

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