Monday, March 9, 2015

+ 2/28/15 Strange Growth


          It's nearly March! What does that mean? I seriously don't know... Wait, never mind! I know! The 20th is the first day of Spring! I still can't plant anything yet in my garden, but I can at least begin preparing the soil. I have something somewhat interesting to share today. You know Tropic, my purple pitcher plant, Sarracenia purpurea subs. purpurea right? In case you don't please view my posts starting... The very first post I did, (LOL). Well, back to the topic, my plant Tropic is growing, is it certaintly should (why wouldn't it?), but I noticed something... New, I should put it. It looks like a mushroom growing up from the very center of the plant, kind of like an anther on the top of a filament, but we are talking about pitcher plants, not Stamens. It's pretty much a bulge on the top of a thin stalk. Sadly, like the last month, I am unable to post pictures of my own plant, but I can provide a picture I drew online that is similar to what I am seeing with Tropic:
      So... If you are familiar with the odd lime green mushroom thing that is growing on my Sarracenia purpurea subs. purpurea plant, then please tell me! I'd like to know... BTW, the green stuff in the pot is the live (or, in my case, dying) sphagnum moss. That's about it for now..

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